Avoiding the Roots of Bitterness: Letting God Guard Your Heart


The roots of bitterness run deep, I know this first hand because this was my state of being when I came to Christ. This infectious root takes over and defiles the unsuspecting heart. I know in our own strength we can’t undo what was been done by others or even by self, but God can. I also know that once He has healed us from this disease, we never want to allow the seeds of bitterness to take root again. No matter what may come, this place is one that a person would never want to return, because it is such a bad place to be.

I know the signs of when the seeds are being planted and trying to sprout, but diligence should be taken to defuse that seed. So what to do? Because offenses do come. I’m learning that if I do not want this disease to return, against the insistence of my flesh I have to actively resist its demands for entrance into the heart, never allowing it to have it’s way. Instead, I have to trust the Lord Who cares for me; the Lord will surely take care of my heart. He is the One Who can protect our hearts from bitterness, we can not do it for ourselves. So then, we can relax in the comfort of His protection of even the delicate nature of our hearts.

“And the peace of God,which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7 NIV)

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