There have been several major “God moments” in my life. These are those times when I know without a shadow of a doubt that His favor was with me or He moved in my behalf. I remember when I married my husband and I was still living in Detroit and he in NYC. I had put my house on the market and it was not the best economy for my house to sell. Once I did find a buyer, the close on the mortgage kept getting stalled until finally I said, “I just have to move”! So I did on December 26th. I moved without knowing for sure that the house was sold but after having been stalled for some time, the mortgage closed on December 31st! That is what I call a “God Moment”. These are those moments that we need as reminders when on this road called Victory. We need these reminders when things don’t look promising. We need to think on these times when God came through for us and they will help us to continue down this road and keep living with victory in mind.

How about you. Share your God moment. You never know it might just help out someone else.

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