Leslie was twenty one years old and had recently completed her undergraduate degree. She had just moved to D.C. to pursue her Master’s degree. A prime internship opportunity sprung up at a nationally syndicated news station. This was the perfect chance for her to get more exposure in her field of study. It was like this position came open just for her. Leslie interviewed and did very well. She prayed and requested that family and friends would join her prayer as well. Things were looking good for Leslie, she was in high hopes that this job belonged to her. Then she got the news, the position had been offered to someone else. Of course after receiving the news, Leslie’s hopes diminished. In fact there was no need for holding to the hope she had at first because Leslie figured this one was not for her.

I think we can all relate to Leslie’s story in some way, having been denied an opportunity. Of course there is “nothing new under the sun”, (Ecclesiastes 1:9). In fact, I recently read the account of Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead. This story shone a light on a tendency that most of us have, the tendency to only hope in God but so far. During Jesus’ ministry on earth He healed many people and performed countless miracles, including driving demons out of those suffering from the torment of demons. His followers had witnessed these amazing exploits, yet despite being there and seeing the miracles, in their minds remained a limitation of His power.

During this particular account, Jesus taught yet another lesson. He revealed His power to resurrect the dead. The narrative below was brought to my attention:

‘But some of them said, “Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept him from dying?”’, (John 11:37 NIV 1984).

Can you imagine some of the background dialogues going on? They might have said: “Well, he’s dead now and nothing more can be done. Jesus says He loves them but why didn’t He get here in enough time to heal him?”

Wait! Don’t become too critical of their responses, we all have the tendency to do same thing. Remember Leslie and how we related to her story? We are just as guilty of placing the same limitations on God.

Naturally once Lazarus died they reasoned there was nothing left that could be done. I’m sure while he was ill they had hoped that he would recover or that Jesus would come soon, but that didn’t happen instead Lazarus died. However Jesus wanted them to understand something they had not considered before, that He is the resurrection. Like always, Jesus taught them through demonstration, this time commanding Lazarus to live again and he did!

If we examine ourselves, we might find a limit of confidence in God. After losing out on an opportunity, our limitation of hope could lead us to believe we missed out. But to Him, it is not the end all.

Do you want to know what happened to Leslie? The same thing that happened to Lazarus, the Lord brought life back to the situation. Leslie heard back from the station and she got the job! Do you know how this can be? The answer is simple: “With God all things are possible”, (Matthew 19:26 NIV 1984). Here we are in a New Year, for 2015 let’s all expand our confidence in our God and dare to have limitless hope.

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