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This interactive workbook companion from Nicole C. Calhoun helps to further emphasize life changing truths that can be found in the book, Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles. This workbook is perfect for both individual and group study. This workbook includes scripture references, interactive questions and activities, along with next step challenges. Readers can further their growth and understanding of how the believer can walk in Victory through Jesus Christ.

In 8 sessions, the readers will have the opportunity to personalize and enhance their understanding of the book, which includes such topics as:

• Discovering and relaxing in God
• God is with us for the entire journey
• Adapting to the unexpected
• Maintaining a committed heart
• Remaining focused in the final stretch

In the book Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles, Nicole C. Calhoun relays the message that victory is promised to believers in Christ. This victory is obtained regardless of the obstacles encountered during the journey called life. She emphasizes that Christ has the power to help each and every believer to gracefully navigate through life with assured victory.

Join NICOLE C. CALHOUN on this journey down the road to

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