There is an account in the Bible about a very famous couple named Abraham and Sarah (originally Abram and Sarai). Now they weren’t as famous then as they are now, but like many, their fame arose long after they were gone. Most of us know who they are. Abraham was the father of faith and Sarah, his wife, gave birth to a child promised by God and she did so in her old age. They were born into sin like all of us and like us, God desired to lead and guide them because He had a purpose for them. In reading their story, it is obvious that God was working in their lives. It wasn’t because of their holiness, no, not at all; it was because God had a plan which included them.

Abram was what we would call a wanderer. He and his family would travel from place to place depending on where God would lead or depending on climate changes. In fact, God had instructed Abram to leave his father’s family and hometown to go where He would lead him.

There were two occasions when the couple found themselves amongst people who obviously had no fear of God. In both cases, out of fear and concern, Abram instructed Sarai to say that she was his sister. Now this might not seem like a big deal to you but it was because Sarai was a very beautiful woman and men took notice of her. These were men who were very powerful and could have any woman under their rule. Yet, God had a plan for Sarai and Abram; to bring forth a very special child. The child would be born of promise and purpose. He would be one through whom all mankind would be blessed. He was to be born from a seemingly impossible situation because Sarai and Abram were “up there in age” as we would say. Noticeably, God had a vested interest in the life of this couple.

Subsequently, on both occasions God intervened. One guy was afflicted with a horrible disease and the other was warned by God in a dream. Well that put the fear of God in them! Can you imagine God coming to you in a dream and saying, you, your family, your animals and all associated with you will die if you touch this person? You can imagine their reactions, they sent both Abram and Sarai away and they went away having obtained great riches. What is the likelihood of two different powerful men, in differing countries and at different times seeking the attention of the same woman and experiencing God in such a way? I don’t know but I know God wasn’t having it.

This story is greatly encouraging because God protected Sarai, even from wrong decisions made out of fear. I like to think God protected Sarai because He had special plans for her. Through her was to be born a child of promise. God had purpose for Sarai’s life. It is as if God was protecting the destiny that He planned specifically for her. The now Abraham and Sarah did go on to have that promised child Isaac and ultimately through him came our promised Savior, Jesus Christ. All of mankind now has a chance at eternal life through that one promise.

Here is what I want you to remember: your life has God given purpose. Never underestimate the significance of the purpose that God has for you. I believe that if you are willing, just like with Sarai, He will protect even that purpose that He has placed in you too.

For the full Biblical account see: Genesis 12 & Genesis 20.


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