Victory's Road Testimonials

  • Nikki C.
    "Thank you Nicole for inviting us into your home, week after week, and for gracing us with being apart of he VR study. It has been a wonderful opportunity! Going through the VR study rekindled a fire that I had let grow dim. Meeting with the ladies was especially edifying. It was truly a blessing for me to get away from the testosterone in my house and go be with like minded, estrogen having, Jewels. LOL! Anyway, the different points and challenges in the study guide, helped me see that I had become complacent in my relationship with the Lord. My most favorite chapter was "Lane Change." The challenge to renew the intimacy with God's word through studying and making time for HIM, helped get me back on track. Back to being about what really matters.....HIS BUSINESS!"
  • Sisilia H.
    "Nicole, Thank you for this experience with group study! I enjoyed the fellowship and discussions we had. This was very helpful in knowing I’m not the only one that has experienced what we went over. I’m truly blessed to have crossed paths with you! I look forward to seeing you again in January. "

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Bible Study

Do you have a group of friends or bible study group looking for a new study? The Victory’s Road Workbook is a great companion to the Victory’s Road book. It can be used as a tool for studying with groups and individually.

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